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More and more readers are embracing ebooks; make your books available in well-crafted, standards-compliant ePUB digital editions.

Read on to find out more, or contact me to get started.

Why ebooks?

Lower production costs, no (re)printing costs, no shipping costs, no warehousing costs, reduced distribution costs = lower prices for readers and more revenue for content creators.
Create an ebook once, sell it as many times as you like.
No more out of print titles!
Make your books available in the formats your readers want.
Distribute your work online and reach an audience worldwide.

Why ePUB?

ePUB is the industry standard format. As an open, standard format, it guarantees future-proof ebooks which are compatible with the greatest number of different platforms and devices: ereaders, tablets, smartphones, computers... ePUB files can also be converted to other formats like MobiPocket (for the Kindle).

I make fully standard-compliant ePUB files to ensure compatibility for the best possible reading experience.

Find out more about the ePUB format on the International Digital Publishing Forum (idpf) site.

“My beautiful ebook”

There’s no reason to sacrifice a beautifully crafted book for the convenience and advantages of a digital format. ePUB allows advanced formatting which can rival paper layouts combined with all the advantages of a reflowable digital format like resizeable, searchable text, wrapped images, embedded fonts, drop caps, boxouts, clickable links to consult footnotes... and that's not an exhaustive list.

Take a look at a few books I've made for my clients. All of them are in valid, reflowable epub format. Here are a few examples of my work.

Cover up!

They say you shouldn't judge a book by its cover... but a beautiful cover makes all the difference, for online presentation, sales, and making people want to read your book. I can create a cover for you, if you like. Here are a few covers I've designed.

Thank you for your confidence

I'd like to thank all the publishers and authors who have trusted me with their books.

Some of my clients:
Fleurus Éditions; Bookeen; Rustica; Mango; Golfer One; Interior Design Philosophy; les Éditions Anatole; SCITEP; and why not you?

Getting started

Ready to get started ? Great. So, what will I need to make your ePUB book? Well, the text, of course, and a few other details. Here's all the info:

Provide "print-ready" text (proof-read and corrected) preferably in readable text format (.indd, .doc, .rtf, .html...). Plain text (.txt) and .pdf subject to additional charge.

Provide the cover image and all illustrations (if any) in a digital image format (jpeg, gif, png, svg).

If you don’t have a cover, I can create one for you.

Specify the meta data:

  • Author(s)'s name(s)
  • Illustrator's name (if pertinent)
  • Other contributors: names and contributions (editor, translator, etc.)
  • Date of publication
  • ISBN number (if applicable)
  • Copyright info: copyright holder and year, cc licence, public domain...
  • Any specific formatting requests: drop caps? illustrations?

Contact me for tariffs and further information.